Brew Day: Simply Blonde Ale

Well, the brew day started off great although it was quite warm outside and since Ashley was baking, it was about 90*. This makes using my new refractometer difficult….but I’m not an extremely scientific brewer anyways.

Alright, so a blonde ale (from my short amount of research) is a very basic ale, light in color, with very few outstanding characteristics. Not malty, but not very biter either. But this changes from brewer to brewer. I set my recipe up to be a little on the malty side. I also used two hop additions of cascade hops – hoping for a slight citrus tang.

Recipe (One Gallon)

1.75 lbs American 2 row
0.25 lbs Crystal 10
4g Cascade @ 60 min
3g Cascade @ 10 min
American Ale Yeast (SO-5)

The entire brewing process wasn’t too bad. A major downside I discovered was that I only hit about 50% efficiency in my MLT. So being quite short of my planned original gravity, I added some honey to bring my OG to 1.040.

Being my first post, written entirely on my phone, this is the only picture I have today. But I will add more if I get around to it.

This it’s just 24 hours later. The beer on the right is Apple Crisp Ale.

I cracked open my first bottle today! Pouring it into a glad I was greeted with a perfect fluffy head that lingered a while before forming a nice 1/4″ foam cap that lasted longer than it took me to drink it! It had a pleasant balanced taste, free from most weird flavors – finishing with slight citrus notes. The citrus wasn’t quite as strong as I was hoping, and it did have a slight “leafy hoppy” taste that I am not particularly find of. All in all, I think I will tweak the recipe a bit a brew a new batch this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Brew Day: Simply Blonde Ale

  1. Very nice write up. I make a Blonde Ale that’s almost the same but I dry hop with some of the remaining Cascade Hops. Really adds some wonderful hop aroma and flavor but not over powering. I’ve done another variation with adding some honey right at the end of the boil. Its fun to experiment with the smaller batches.

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