Brew Day: Chocolate Maple Porter

Today I am brewing a Porter, not that I am a big fan of dark beers, this recipe just sounded tasty. It is a blend of malts including American 2-row, chocolate malt and crystal 10 and 20. Yes, I changed the recipe. I didn’t have the exact malts (black patent) so I played a little. This porter will use fuggle hops and real Michigan maple syrup to (hopefully) create a nice, easy to drink beginner dark beer.

Recipe: (coming soon)

Since I recently discovered how little efficiency I’ve been getting, I multiplied the grain bill by 40% in hopes of hitting a reasonable OG.


The first step in homebrewing is to pour a homebrew. Not sure who came up with the rule, but I plan on following it for now…the last thing I need is for the brewing police to show up….


Mashing is done, sparge is done, time for the boil…


Just like lobsters, hops scream when you boil them, but it’s ok – they taste better this way.


At about the 59 minute mark, i poured in the maple syrup. After the wort was cooled, I racked it into my nice one gallon fermentors and took a gravity reading with my handy dandy refractometer…1.058! My goal was 1.048…but I’ll roll with this one, it’s better than being 10 points under!

Time to ferment!


The yeast took a little while to get rolling, but just 24 hours later the krausen had peaked right at the top of the jug. Yay beer!



3 thoughts on “Brew Day: Chocolate Maple Porter

  1. Hello there! I am hoping to start homebrewing on the 1 gallon scale. How do these 1 gallon jugs do with blowoff? So many people are doing it that I can’t believe it is too big an issue but when I read the stories about the mess that 5 gallons can make with much more headroom i start to wonder. I cannot seem to find enough information about headspace issues for 1 gallon batches. If you can provide some insight that would be great!

    • I always use a blow off tube, half the time all the wort scum stays in the jug, the other times I get about a half cup of junk in my sanitized blow off cup. But I definitely recommend using a blow off tube for the first few days.

      • Great! Thanks, I’m enjoying reading about your brewing adventures! Keep it up and I hope to start brewing soon myself.

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