Brew Day: Easy Belgian

This brew is my first hurrah into using a Belgian Pilsner malt, and should make for something interesting.  Since I typically make up my own recipes (I keep it simple, no worries!) I figured I would just use the Belgian and some 10L and go for some sort of Belgian Blonde.  So, using my handy dandy Brewr app on my Android, I came up with something just within that style.  I also mixed it with the hop additions suggested by my Brooklyn Brew Shop recipe book for the “Well made Trippel” – Kent Golding and Saaz hops.


2.25 lb Belgian Pilsner
0.25 lb Caramel 10L
9g Kent Golding @ 60min
4g Saaz @ 5min

After setting up my corona mill next to my brand new (to me) Stainless Steel prep table, I got to grinding the grains!  I tried to grind them a little more fine than I usually do – my low efficiency is being caused somewhere in my process and I figured I would start fine and work my way up.


Love the smell of ground malt!

Mash and sparge, and sparge again for good measure


I should get a slightly smaller boil kettle, I think I am a little too shallow – and barely came up with 1 gal wort this time around.


Since I starting saving ice in 1 gallon bags, my wort chilling time dropped to less than 20 minutes.

I checked the gravity and I was kind of low, so I added some honey (1/2 cup, .25 lb) to boost it to 1.055, still 5 pts less than I wanted, but that 1/4lb honey was nearing the 10% adjunct level.


The fermentation station!


24 hours later, check out the foam from the bubbling sanitizer.

I hope you enjoyed the post, I will update when I bottle and eventually drink this tasty creation. Feel free to comment if you have questions, thanks for reading!


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