Bottle the Beer

This will be a short post, but I wanted to share my methods of bottling my single gallon brews. It is really the same as larger batch sizes, but I’ve tried to streamline the approach.


This round I used a shoe box to dry my bottles, lined with some paper towel. Someday I will build a mini bottle tree, but I have way too many projects right now. (I was planning on bottling two batches today, so ignore the extra bottles)

I filled my sink with sanitized water, I think this is the easiest way to clean the equipment. I also do a quick rinse of the bottles, star san likes to foam, and even though it is supposed to be ok with the beer, I don’t trust it.


I used 1.5oz of white sugar, usually I use honey but honey in a Chocolate Maple Porter didn’t sound right. I put the about a 1/4 cup water in the Pyrex and nuked the mixture for 45 seconds to get the sugar dissolved. Then poured out in my bottling bucket and let it cool before tracking my beer on top.


I read this cool tip about bottling over the dishwasher – any drops or spills just drop on the door, no messes! Plus I can sit in a chair while bottling. The bottling bucket was made from a 2 gallon reusable cereal box from Sam’s Club with a spout from the LHBS.


After filling the bottle, I set a cap on top to keep out any fruit flies. This way I can fill the bottles, then cap them in batches.  I think this is a little faster than the “fill, cap, fill, cap” method.

Well, that’s it. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Bottle the Beer

  1. Some great tips for small batch bottling! My only concern is your Star San comment – Don’t Fear the Foam! Five Star has done numerous tests and confirmed the foam of the sanitzer does not impact head retention or any other factor of the beer. In fact rinsing with plain water could introduce contaminates to the bottles! Use the foam as and indicator of having a sanitzed blanket in/on your bottles 🙂

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