Save the Yeast!!!!

If you were to add up the cost of a one gallon batch of beer, there really isn’t a lot to it. However, one place to save a bit of cash is in the yeast. Many brewers will harvest yeast from batch to batch and save it for later. Since yeast is a living breathing organism, a brewer can continue to harvest the yeast indefinitely. And thus, I have decided to do the same….

Step One: Prepare the yeasts new home

For this step, I boiled a few jars, sealed them, and let then cool overnight for step two.


Step Two: Harvesting the yeast

To harvest the yeast, I first transfer my beer into a secondary fermentor, this helps the beer become more clear before bottling as well as provide a way to harvest the yeast.

After the beer is safely tucked into it’s new home, I add my boiled water to the carboy, shake, and pour into a large jar to separate.


After waiting a little while I can pour this mixture into my three small jars to await future use.

That’s it! Super easy, the big question is whether or not I can revive the yeast….

I will post more on that when I brew this weekend.