Stainless Steel


Last week I found a stainless steel prep table at a yard sale….only $25! I’m hoping to use it for prepping for my brew days and bottling beer without running up and down stairs.


Now I just need time to organize it…


Busy Busy!

I have been pretty busy lately, and have been putting off my next brew day for a while. Currently all my fermentors are empty, and I have a stock of about 40 bottles – blonde ale, pale ale, oktoberfest, apple crisp and raspberry wheat.

Crazy, gotta love small batches, not many brewers have that kind of a selection. Of course, the quality varies, especially since I’m still new to the game, but I still have plenty of tasty beer.

Tomorrow I plan on brewing a Chocolate Maple Porter. I have not been a huge fan of the darker, more robust beer, but I figure that I would rather make it than pay for something I don’t like. Anyways, I should have a post on the brew day up this weekend.

Happy brewing!