My Gear

My goal as a one gallon brewer is to try creating a wide variety of beers as well as simplify my brew day a much as possible. However, a huge benefit of small batch brewing is that most supplies are already available in the typical kitchen. This includes pots, a spaghetti strainer, funnels and a  kitchen scale. I often use some of these, but to simplify my process and create a more consistent product, I built and purchased a few extras….

My standard equipment includes

-Stainless steel stock pots (Walmart, 12 qt for $10)

-A two gallon homemade MLT(mash, lauter tun)


-Refractometer (measures the refraction of light through Liquid, providing a measurement that can be used to determine how much sugar is in the wort)


– Auto siphon (a must have, @ only $8, it is simply invaluable)

-One gallon glass jugs


-Bottling bucket (made from a tall plastic cereal container from Sam’s Club + barbed spout)

-Hand held bottle caper

Future projects:

-Electric brew kettle (step towards an automated system)
-Automatic brewing system
-Automatic bottling system


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